The winters in Ohio & Michigan are known for the slippery roads and walkways they leave in their path. It is vital for any business or community to keep those areas clean and hazard free. Your staff, customers, clients and residents will have a safe route at your location. We can provide plowing, snow removal, snow blowing, de-icing, salting and protection for your susceptible landscape plants. DayStar, LLP. offers a wide range of snow removal options and we offer emergency services to meet your property demands.

  • Emergency On-Call Services

  • Plowing, salting, de icing & shoveling when you need it.

  • Snow Plowing & Sidewalk Shoveling

  • Salting & De Icing

Servicing residential and commercial properties. Our professional team will clear out the snow and ice while being mindful of your property and landscape. Numerous accidents and injuries are caused each year by someone slipping and falling on ice. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure safety during our harshest months.