When you think about your yard, what comes to mind? Green grass, barbeques, the garden, your personal retreat? When we think about lawns, the first things that come to mind are mowing height, moisture levels, sharp mower blade, winterizing and opening up irrigation.. There’s a lot that goes into your yard! We wanted to share some tips that may come in handy while the season starts, progresses and comes to a close:




  • During spring and fall, keep the lawn short. This is to promote growth and guard against winter stress.

  • During summer, keep the lawn high to shade the soil & crown of the grass.

  • Differ your pattern so you don’t create ruts in the soil.

  • Keep your blades sharp and clean. A clean blade helps guard against the spread of lawn diseases like brown patch and dollar spot.

  • Do not mow while the lawn is wet.


Flower Beds


  • Clean your flower beds at the beginning and the end of a season.

  • Use preen before weed seeds germinate.

  • Mulch your beds with 3-4 inches of premium mulch. Some mulches contain dyes that may be hazardous to your plants.




  • Winterize your irrigation before winter sets in to prevent frozen lines.

  • Water your lawn in late morning, this will help guard against disease activity.

  • Do not water daily unless temperatures exceed 85 degrees.

  • Water deeply. If rain is not in the forecast, you should soak the soil 1-1/2″ weekly. This will promote healthy, deep roots.


Fall Chores


  • Ensure that leaves have been thoroughly rakes or mulched before winter.

  • If you need to seed, now’s the time to do it. Choose a premium seed so you don’t have any surprises in spring.

  • Wrap your susceptible trees and shrubs in burlap to guard against winter-kill.